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Halloween Character Kits
Posted by st on 10/3/2011
Mehron's Character Kits (werewolves, pirates, zombies and more) are a great way to find all you need for your Halloween custome in a single, low priced kit.

Mehron Halloween Custom Kit for Zombie, Pirate, Goth, Vampire, Skeleton

The kits contain three foundation colors, sealers, removers, special effects, and props.  And the step-by-step instructions, written by a professional MUA, are simple to follow.
Posted by st on 10/1/2011
Cosplay Costume for Halloween Stage Makeup

With Halloween coming let's talk a bit about... Cosplay!

Cosplay is the art of recreating the costumed look of a favorite fictional character.  Anime and video game characters are often favorite choices and we see a lot of movie characters as well.  The costumes, makeup, and wigs are elaborate and it can require considerable skills to turn a drawing into real life.

You'll find a lot of costume shops offering cheap cosplay costumes, but to find a costume that is truly impressive (and will get your picture taken everywhere you go!) you'll want to look around a little deeper.

Here are some great places to check out.  And when you've picked out your costume come back to Stage Tones for the finishing touches.  You won't pull off Baby Doll from Sucker Punch without some eye liner and mascara! Pick a costume and instantly search Amazon and Ebay listings. For mens and womens costumes, wigs, and free shipping.

Good luck!
True Colors
Posted by st on 9/13/2011
A few words about color swatches and what to expect when you get a new product:

We have tried to make our swatches as accurate as possible.  We do this by comparing the final display on the website with the actual product using a high-quality, calibrated monitor.  And we have chosen a white background for the swatches which allows the eye to perceive an unbiased rendering of a color.  But a buyer needs to be aware that no amount of effort will deliver the true, exact color to your eye from a computer screen.  

Consider the factors that will vary the color's rendering as the item travels through the process of a product shot:

Lighting conditions
Camera coloration bias
Conforming to a colorspace mode as it is imported into Photoshop
An inexact rendering on our computer display
An inexact rendering on your computer display
And last but not least, the biases of our human eyes

Given these factors (which we can reduce, but never entirely eliminate), it is important to understand that there will certainly be a slight variation.

But while a swatch may be slightly off, we can be sure that the professional makeup products of Kryolan and Mehron are made to exact, repeatable formulations.  That means when you reorder that Wine Berry Cheek Powder or Alabaster Ultra Foundation Stick, you can be assured that you will receive the very same pigmentation you have used in the past.
Getting the Right Foundation
Posted by st on 7/14/2011
Avoid that nasty demarcation line by always matching your foundation to the natural skin tone.  Simply dab three different shades of color along the jaw line or chin area, the shade that “disappears” into the skin is the perfect match!

If you feel your subject's natural color is too pale add some Glamour Glow to darken up the skin but always remember to include the neck and décolletage.
Posted by st on 6/14/2011
We are adding the complete Mehron line to the Stage Tones selection. Should be done in mid-August!
All Dermacolor All Day
Posted by st on 6/12/2011
Here's a swatch with the entire palette available in Kryolan's Dermacolor Camouflage system.

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 True Colors
 Getting the Right Foundation

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