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Posted by st on 6/14/2011
Mehron's Studio and Stage Makeup section highlights the professional performance makeup products that are the foundation of the Company. 

Mehron got its start producing makeup for the broadway performers in 1927 and expanded into all live performance makeup and film makeup. Over eighty years later Mehron is still a leader in theatrical makeup production.  They are constantly updating, innovating and improving their studio and stage makeup along with all of their other makeup lines.

Highlighted in the Studio and Stage Makeup Line, is Celebré Professional Cream Make-Up available in a wide array of Performance Colors, along with our theatrical cake makeup, StarBlend. And Of course Theatrical Makeup wouldn't be complete without a wide color selection of Foundation Greasepaint and our new HYPER-FORMANCE CreamBlend, an easy to use stick applicator Performance Makeup for fast paced Theater and Live Performance Applications. All of our Studio and Stage Makeup is made to the standards expected by the Performing Arts Industry, it is long lasting and durable high quality makeup made in the USA with the same attention to color consistency and quality ingredients that was demanded by Mehron's founder, Mehron Melik.

The Studio and Stage Makeup Collection focuses on all aspects of makeup used by the Performing Arts Community since the days of Silent Films right up to the Innovations of High Definition Television. We feature Makeup For Eyes, Lips & Cheeks, Skin Treatments & Removers,  Cool Effects & Stuff, and Specialty Concealing Makeup and Powders. Professional Performance Makeup wouldn't be complete without the Professional Makeup Applicators needed by Makeup Artists and Special Effect Artists throughout the Entertainment Industry. Mehron manufacturers the Professional Makeup Tools of The Trade necessary for Professional Makeup Application.

Mehron Theatrical Studio and Stage Makeup Products have consistently performed from the days of vaudeville right through to the age of High Definition Music Videos.  Makeup Artists, Special Effects Artists, Broadway Stars, Film Stars and Circus Clowns have all trusted the performance quality, durable, long lasting, full coverage, and color consistency of Mehron Performance Makeup for over eighty years.

Great performance makeup for your next show!
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