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Posted by st on 10/1/2011
Cosplay Costume for Halloween Stage Makeup

With Halloween coming let's talk a bit about... Cosplay!

Cosplay is the art of recreating the costumed look of a favorite fictional character.  Anime and video game characters are often favorite choices and we see a lot of movie characters as well.  The costumes, makeup, and wigs are elaborate and it can require considerable skills to turn a drawing into real life.

You'll find a lot of costume shops offering cheap cosplay costumes, but to find a costume that is truly impressive (and will get your picture taken everywhere you go!) you'll want to look around a little deeper.

Here are some great places to check out.  And when you've picked out your costume come back to Stage Tones for the finishing touches.  You won't pull off Baby Doll from Sucker Punch without some eye liner and mascara! Pick a costume and instantly search Amazon and Ebay listings. For mens and womens costumes, wigs, and free shipping.

Good luck!
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