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Airbrush System by EBA
Airbrush System by EBA

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EBA Epic DAB Airbrush is a bottom feed, high-paint-flow, high-detail double action, internal mix airbrush. 
EBA airbrush is equipped with an exclusive trigger mechanism consisting of one piece only.
The nozzle cap comes in a new and innovative shape, The Crown. While The Crown protects the needle it also prevents paint from adhering to the inside of the cap and eventually clogging the airbruh. The crown needle cap can be removed at any time to allow for extra fine hair line detail when rquired. 
EBA Epi DAB Airbrush cutaway handle is a special feature that allows fast free up of paint clogs without aving to remove the handle and the needle. All EBA airbrushes are available with EBA exclusive color coordinated handle technology allowing artists to rapidly switch between colors.

The Studio Compressor comes with a 1/6 hp single piston oil free motor with a maximum pressure of 30 psi and continuous maximum pressure of 23 psi. The compressor comes with an outer case that provides protection during transportation and operation as well as a handle. The Studio compressor is also equipped with moisture trap to catch any moisture build up and a regulator. Unlike other compressors of the same size, the Studio compressor's motor is built to minimize overheating by using the highest quality copper and with a build in automatic shut off feature that shuts off the compressor when not in use. The Studio compressor comes with a standard 1/8 inch male fitting (other fittings are available per request). The Studio compressor is an ideal fit for medium size jobs such as small scale body painting, makeup and foundation, face art and airbrush tattoos. For larger size jobs involving more than 4 hours of continuous application we recommend other types of compressors such as the Universal or Performance compressors.
Oil free 1/6 hp single piston motor 
Automatic shut off mechanism 
Max. continuous pressure 23 psi 
Max. pressure 30 psi 
On/Off switch 
Regulator and moisture trap 
Compact size 10 x 5 x 8 inches 
Pressure gauge 
1/8 inch air-hose fitting
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